Farm Fresh to You

I woke up this morning with an idea to re-purpose this blog. I have decided that instead of writing about dieting, I would write about food and recipes. I consider myself to be somewhat adventurous in the kitchen. I also like taking pictures of my creations and spamming all of my friends with them. I recently got in the habit of taking photos of my farm share box and sending it to one of my friends in an attempt to convert a fellow foodie to the mystery box that is farm fresh to you. It occurred to me the other day that I would like others to see my farm boxes, but posting them on facebook is a new form of food porn that I just don’t want to subject unwilling participants to. It is bad enough that I take pictures of my meals and post them online.

The idea with this blog will be to post photos of my farm box, identify it’s contents, create recipes for these items, and post pictorial evidence of the result. I think that this would force me to not only use my entire box, but will also ensure that I cook at home more often and am more creative in my endeavors.

Below are photos I have already taken of my farm boxes and what I have done with them. I just want to say thank goodness for Instagram as without it, my food porn would be rated G.

1065762_10100851980555998_1446036877_o 1004276_10100822134866998_1117149698_o 968721_10100800299470308_1785340102_o 525944_10100436242388618_1775874060_n 391200_10100487705306518_1902937686_n

I will be getting a new box this week and then we can start our adventure. I am looking forward to it!

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