It’s Fall! Let the rain and comfort food commence

As promised in my previous post, here is the result from my last box. James and I started a diet, so the below is also low fat and low cal.


Roasted Chicken with Smashed Red Potatoes. The potatoes were pretty excellent. I took my own photos of the process, but they looked like the ones already on the recipe so you should check it out. One tip is that they might mash into separate pieces, but that’s ok, when they bake, they’ll stick back together when they crisp on the bottom.


Grilled Salmon with Lemony Baby Broccoli, grapes and mini kiwis. Admittedly, this looks like a really small piece of salmon, but it’s a 4oz serving. One thing I like about being on a diet is that I get a daily reality check on my portion sizes. The broccoli came out nice, but I would leave off the red pepper flakes, it didn’t work. Now, let me take a minute to talk about these kiwis. How adorable are they? So tasty and teeny. I loved them paired with the grapes too. It was a very refreshing side dish. Lastly, the salmon marinade should be mentioned. It is the best and only marinade I will ever use for salmon for the rest of my days. 1 part teriyaki sauce and 1 part butter for 1 hour then grilled. That’s it.


Grilled Lamb Chops with Lemon Radish Pilaf and Mixed Greens. I marinaded the lamb in coconut milk and Mediterranean spices. I like using coconut milk to marinade meats. It coats the meat nicely and then cooks off when you grill it. If a marinade calls for yogurt, skip it and try coconut milk instead. You’ll be glad you did.


So, I was bad and didn’t plan my meals with my last box. I even got a pomegranate and I have been meaning to try a recipe for balsamic beets with basil and pomegranates. However I did not do that and I have basically squandered my lovely box of produce.


The contents of this week’s box are pretty awesome.

Sweet potatoes
Sugar pie pumpkin

Recipes for this week
Sweet potato leek soup
Chicken noodle soup
Balsamic beets with basil and pomegranates

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